Chimney Service And Fireplace Sales For Homes In Portland, Oregon—All The Way Up To Mount Hood

We know that you want to live in a warm home that keeps your family safe—and, in order to do that, you need a chimney system that works properly. The problem is over time chimneys get plugged, they can smoke out the house, cause terrible odors, and be the source of water leaks. And all of this can make you feel afraid—like your home is falling apart.


But the truth is the chimney system in your home should work properly.


We know how it feels to know something is wrong in your home, but not be able to fix it. That’s why we’ve been helping families with their chimney systems for over 40 years, we service hundreds of chimneys each year from the Portland Metro area—all the way up to Mt. Hood. We can help you too.

Here’s how you do it:


1. Schedule a chimney cleaning and Inspection with our team.

2. We’ll provide an estimate for any needed repairs.

3. Our technicians will perform the work to the highest standards.

So, don’t risk a chimney fire this season because you didn’t have your chimney serviced. Rather, be confident your fireplace is going to work, check this off your “to-do” list, keep your family warm and safe in the winter, and enjoy living with a beautiful fireplace.

“On time, communicative, friendly, honest, and a job well done.”

- Melody B.

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