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Fireplace Appliances

Need a new stove or fireplace insert for your home? Our team can help you find the perfect fireplace for your home—and install it! A new fireplace can help you:


• Stay warm in a power outage.

• Stop being a slave to the electrical grid.

• Increase your home value.

• Create an amazing space for your family to hang out.

“I would highly recommend Burning Bush Chimney Service to anyone needing chimney repairs, fireplace work or is considering installing a wood burning device of any kind. Glenn Collins the owner was honest and timely in repairing our 50 year old chimney. He was very honest about what needed to be done and did not use scare tactics to get us to step up to the plate for more unnecessary expensive repairs as opposed to some of his competitors that wanted to replace the chimney from the ground up. He came to our home assessed the needs, and wrote a base estimate that was fair. Within a few weeks we had our chimney repaired and a new Osburn fireplace insert installed. I would highly recommend the Osburn line of wood stoves. The quality and design is superb. The efficiency appears to be at least 50% better than the old insert that was removed. We heat our house with the wood stove as a supplement, but have found that the Osburn 1600 is doing such a good job of heating the house that the furnace does not come on. If anyone would like to ask more questions feel free to contact us through Glenn Collins at Burning Bush chimney Service. ”

-Michael H