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Firecast Fireplaces

The Firecast Fireplace is not a conventional fireplace. Our pre-casted modular castings are made of a high-temperature, state-of-the-art refractory materials. The System is designed to maximize thermal and aerodynamic performance, as well as combustion. The Firecast System’s “air-to-flue ratio” is that of a woodstove. This means more heat, less fuel, and less smoke.


Green. Firecast Fireplaces burn clean. Because the insulated curved firebox reflects heat back into the fire, combustion is increased and particulates are reduced. The results are: very little smoke, wood burns down to a powder ash, fuel consumption is reduced to as much 50%. Heating bills can be drastically reduced.


Firecast Fireplaces are safe, durable and easy to install. The Firecast Insert can quickly repair and upgrade existing, non-code complying conventional fireplaces as it is easily retrofitted into an existing firebox. The Firecast Masonry System is for full fireplace/chimney repair OR new construction. The Firecast Wood Floor Model can be placed directly onto a wood floor (zero clearance), without an existing fireplace/chimney, and so you can literally put a fireplace, anyplace.

“Charles & I got the hearth finished. We passed inspection last week. I am enjoying the fire! Thank you.”