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Masonry Repair

Oregon’s heavy rains and can deteriorate chimneys and result in leaks that damage your roof and even home interiors.

Over the years, the mortar either begins to soften due to age—or moss buildup—and will fall off in chunks due to water freezing behind it. Crown mortar can also start to pit and soften as well as develop cracks.

The good news is that all of these problems can repaired. We have repaired hundred’s of chimneys over the years.

We can help with anything you need to bring your chimney back to working order!

   • Chimney Cleaning

   • Chimney Relining

   • Crown Repair

   • Waterproofing

   • Dampers

   • Flashing Repair

   • Chimney Caps

   • Draft Problems

“Charles & I got the hearth finished. We passed inspection last week. I am enjoying the fire! Thank you.”